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B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter with MRC Multi-Resistant Coating, High-Quality Optical Glass Construction, 1-Stop Graduated ND Filter, 0.3 (1-Stop) Density, 2 mm Filter Thickness and Vertical Graduation Direction

B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter is a worthy product for people looking to create more in-camera effects. Especially in the case of landscape photography, it becomes more powerful. This is a graduated neutral density filter that mainly helps in darkening the brighter areas of the image. The filter enables you to shoot high-quality images where there is bright light or high fluctuation in the brightness level. Shooting a seaside scene with a bright blue sky is not feasible in great quality without the use of a filter. When you will expose to the foreground, the sky will become too light in your capture and vice versa.

Our Take on B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter:

B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter is densest at the edges and tapers by the middle. It offers a neutral density filter that does not affect the image coloration. Additionally, the 0.3 density of the filter provides 1 stop reduction in light while it enters the lens.

B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter has Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) that serves the dual purpose of anti-reflection and protection of the surface. The coating increases the light transmission by working on the reduction of ghosting, light scattering, and light reflection. The MRC gives greater protection to the filter substrate. Furthermore, the coating ensures that your filter remains cleaner for a longer duration as compared to the uncoated filters. Professional photographers and videographers prefer this type of filter in the case of wedding and portrait photography. You also get control of shutter speed rights up to the 10-stop (3.0) filters.

B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter is lightweight and highly portable. No carrying case is provided with the product but you need to follow some precautions while carrying it from one place to another. The filter thickness is 2 mm and the size is 100 x 150 mm. The filter is made with high-quality optical glass that makes it strong enough to handle some light to moderate fall on the ground. Make sure to not put heavy weight on the filter as it may break. Most experienced camera users utilize the filter in creating a more realistic sense of motion. You can use the filter for creating blur for more compelling images, especially during sunrise and sunsets. Overall, it’s a great accessory that adds another dimension to your photography as well as videography experience.


Filter type: Graduated ND
Density: 0.3 (1-Stop)
Rectangular size: 100 x 150 mm
Filter thickness: 2 mm
Filter material: Glass
Graduation type: Soft Edge
Graduation direction: Vertical
Mounting hardware: Filter
Weight: 0.21 g
Self-timer: No

Included in the box:

  • B+W 100 x 150mm 701 Graduated 0.3 ND Filter

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B + W BWG MRC 701�Graduate Filter 50�100X150X2