Leica 8x42 Geovid HD-B Rangefinder Binocular


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This new Geovid HD-B model features class-leading ranging capabilities and field of view, fully functioning ballistics capabilities utilizing the patented Advanced Ballistic Compansation (ABC) technologies featured in the popular CRF 1600-B, and the unique ability to program customized bullet & caliber ballistic data for the most precise holdover readings possible. The Geovid HD-B also features vastly improved optical performance utilizing our exciting new Perger Porro prism system. The new Geovid HD-B transmits more light and offers an amazingly, wide field of view (10x = 374' @ 1,000 yards). This means these are more effective than ever for scanning the horizon for hidden game. The rangefinding abilities are improved as well, and the new Geovid HD-B can effectively range out to 2,000 yards - the longest ranging capabilities in class. You'll also find great comfort in the clever, curved, ergonomic chassis that rests perfectly in the palms of the hands for superior grip, comfort, & stability. The Geovid HD-B offers the Widest field of view of any rangefinding binocular, Ranges further than other rangefinding binoculars, and is the only model to offer full ballistics holdover calculations AND angular ballistic computations.

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