Profoto 254707 RFi 3x3' (90x90 centimeter) Softbox


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The larger the light source is in relation to the subject, the softer the light will be. This simple fact is perhaps the most important lesson to learn about light. It is also the main reason why our rectangular Profoto RFi Softbox (3 x 3 ft.) comes in so many sizes. The softbox is one of the most popular tools for light shaping. At first glance, its uncomplicated nature might trick you into thinking that all softboxes are more or less the same. But as any experienced photographer will tell you, there is a big difference between a softbox and a softbox. And with the introduction of the new RFi softboxes, Profoto strives to make that difference even greater. RFi softboxes have a deeper shape that directs the light forward rather than spreading it to the sides. The 'RF' in RFi stands for 'recessed front'. The recessed front minimizes stray light. It is also used for mounting the optional Softgrid. The Softgrid is a clever tool that creates an even more directed light, which in turn allows for even more precise light shaping. Other optional tools include the Flat Front Diffuser and the Stripmask. All RFi softboxes have a highly reflective silver interior that gives a higher output and a crispy character. The light is then diffused through not one but two diffusers, thereby creating a much softer and even light spread. Every single unit is hand-sewn with heat resistant, high quality fabrics, and all seam lines, edges and corner pockets are reinforced to guarantee a long and trouble-free lifetime.Features: Compatible with well over 20 flash brands, thanks to our speedring adaptors.Deeper shape and recessed front for precise control.Double-layered diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior.Optional accessories, such as the Softgrid, the Stripmask and the Flat Front Diffuser, allow for even more precise light shaping.Color-coded speedrings and Velcro attachments result in hassle-free assembly and disassembly.Designed to withstand years of

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Profoto 254707 RFi 3x3' (90x90 centimeter) Softbox