Profoto Ocf Color Gel Starter Kit


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The add color to your palette with the of gels. There are 20 gels to choose from, ten are color correction gels for balancing your flash with, for instance, warmer or colder natural light or indoor lighting, while the other ten are color effect gels. Add them to boost your creativity and shape light in color. Of gels are pre-cut to fit Profoto off-camera flashes and mounted in the blink of an eye thanks to a unique and clever Snap-On solution.Of gels are sold in three different kits. The of color gel Starter kit includes the ten most popular gels plus the ACTUAL grid and gel holder. In addition, there is an of color correction gel pack and an of color effects pack, each with 20 gels.

  • Grid/gel holder
  • 2 x gel attachment pieces
  • Gel Wallet
  • Full CTO filter
  • Half CTO filter

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Profoto Ocf Color Gel Starter Kit