ProMaster 200SL TTL Speedlight Electronic Flash for Nikon Digital, Black (4653)


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Repeat ModeIn Repeat mode, the 200SL fires repeatedly during a single exposure, creating stroboscopic multiple-exposure effects. This operation is useful when shooting fast moving subjects. You can set the firing frequency (number of flashes per second expressed as Hz), the number of flashes, and the flash output.Master ModeThe 200SL can be used as a master unit in a wireless flash system.The settings you enter into the master unit (attached to the camera) are automatically transmitted to the slave units which are controlled by the master unit via wireless. You need not operate the slave unit(s) at all during the shoot. Wireless flash can be used in TTL,M,and RPT modes.Wireless RPT FlashWith wireless RPT flash, you can set a different flash output for each slave unit. In this mode, all settings of flash frequency and the number of repeating flasher per frame will be the same among the master unit and slave units.Power Zoom FunctionThe power zoom function automatically adjusts the flash zoom head positioning to match the lens focal length. Zoom positions can be adjusted between 24mm and 180mm. You can also adjust the flash zoom head position manually.High-speed SyncWith high-speed sync (FP flash), the speedlight can synchronize with all camera shutter speeds . This is convenient when you want to use aperture priority for fill-flash portraits.

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