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The Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord with AF Assist - Coiled 3- 9’ is a valuable addition to your Nikon lighting system. It provides AF Assist function and allows you to move the flash off of your camera, giving you maximum freedom with lighting the scene!

The Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord is a flash-cord with an off-camera function that can be used with several models of Nikon Speedlight flash units. One end of the cord attaches to the hot shoe of the camera, and the other can connect to a Speedlight and be kept at a maximum distance of 9 feet, which is the length of the coiled cord when fully stretched. Thus it gives an option to take the flash away from the camera top and keep it at a distance.

Our Take on the the Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord with AF Assist - Coiled 3- 9’:

The Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord is a highly useful addition to your Nikon camera flash and gives you the perfect control over your flash system. With the usual flash mounted on the camera, you could only control the flash direction in line with the tilt angle allowed. However, when you use the cord, the flash is no more limited to be set on the camera. Instead, it can move away from it and be placed anywhere you like or even held in your hand. It can be at any position, direction, or angle within the 9 feet length allowed by the cord. Thus, you get ultimate flash freedom when you use this extension cord. The common compatible Nikon flash models are SB-900, SB-910, SB-700, SB-800, SB-600, and SB-400. It also supports the flash Commander model SU-800 from Nikon. The cord can provide full TTL functionality to Speedlight flash units when used with Nikon SLR cameras having a TTL flash hot shoe with it.

The Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord is a coiled type of cable measuring a length of 3 feet. However, if the coil is stretched by pulling, you can get a maximum length of 9 feet. It means that the flash can stay 9 feet away and still help deliver crystal-clear images. Its use is easy when the camera is mounted on a bracket. A noteworthy feature of the cord is that it provides help with AF when used in low-light conditions. With the IR autofocus assist light, you can point the Speedlight anywhere and still get a flash accurately directed at the subject. There is a switch that can enable or disable the light by manipulating a set of Speedlight contacts. The cord will even work with third-party flashes, provided they work with Nikon cameras.

If you have the Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord, you can enjoy all advanced flash functions when it is used with compatible cameras. It also has an advanced locking system, Posi-Lock, at both ends of the cord. The unit can be used for diverse applications such as wedding functions or outdoor sports tournaments and can provide shadow-free lighting and images not affected by errors like the ‘red-eye’. Another advantage with the cord is that it helps in avoiding the extra flash from the camera when using in the Commander mode. the cord works better compared to many other similar models available in the market. It is a highly durable cord and will run for many years without major issues.


Type: Flash extension cord
Flash Compatibility: Nikon SB-900, SB-910, SB-700, SB-800, SB-600, SB-400 Speedlights
Flash Commander Compatibility: SU-800 Commander
Lighting Framework: TTL
Third-party compatibility: Yes
Cord length – shrunken: 3’
Cord length - extended: 9’
Locking system at the cord-ends: Posi-lock
Lighting errors corrected: Red-eye, shadows
Auto-focus technology: IR

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  • Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord with AF Assist - Coiled 3-9'

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SC-29 Ttl Coiled Remote Cord